IRC Rules

Using our channels and the HashBang IRC Network means you have a few rules you have to follow, below you can find those rules.

  1. Attempting to gain unauthorized access to IRC identities or channels.
  2. Impersonating another user with the intent to harm that person or his/her reputation.
  3. Sending repeated messages (flooding).
  4. harassing users, e.g. through inflammatory messages.
  5. Distribution of child pornography.
  6. Illegal distribution of software protected by copyright laws (also known as “warez”).
  7. Illegal distribution of other intellectual property without permission.
  8. Absolutely no mass advertising, whether by notice, by query (also known as /msg), or any other medium.
  9. Please keep general discussion to #AerialDevs-Chat and help to #AerialDevs-Help
  10. No bots unless approved by the channel operators. All bots approved however, must go to #AerialDevs-Bots

We can and will kick or ban those who violate these rules. You have been warned.