Cryptocurrency has came a long, long way, since Bitcoin first showed up. Many people use Bitcoin, but for us to keep running we need funds. Usually to gain funds, people donate via PayPal or some other method.

We however, don’t require you to use PayPal or anything, we only have three options for donations. You can donate to us in one of the three coins:

  • Bitcoin: 18Jf6JWS5oFZChjieMxFW4h9577dftaCGp
  • Litecoin: LZw65AeraGQbhXDqdrHXK9Tyb237z6RHwB
  • Ethereum: 0x08Ab47f700d0cc4917C2F5EF0F6F3d8e9c387A4E

What coin do you use to donate with? In any of the three listed, the choice is completely yours just like how much you can donate. All donations are to go directly towards the website though. Whether it be to help cover server costs, or start our own IRC Network. If it isn’t Aerial Developers related, then the donation does not get spent. This is our guarantee to you, all donations will go directly towards the website or anything Aerial Developer related such as:

  • Our own IRC Network
  • Covering current server costs
  • Improving our server
  • Paying someone for better design

To those of you who do donate, we thank you. To those who don’t, thank you for being part of our community. All of you, whether you donate or not, are important to the community.

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